EMR Safe Schools Project

Safe Schools Affiliate Program

In recognition that schools are highly unlikely to receive central funding to provide the necessary CMOs they require, do not have spare cash to buy them but also need more money to buy books, equipment and support extra-curricular activities we have initiated our Safe Schools Affiliate Programme. 

We also recognise that children spend more time at home than at school where they use laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other potentially harmful technologies. 

In order to provide as close to 24/7 protection from the adverse effects of EM pollution as possible, homes and home equipment should ideally be fitted with the appropriate CMO devices. 

When a School Head/Bursor or PTA person contacts us we will provide the School with

  • Individual affiliate link that can be used on the School website and Newsletters etc. 
  • QR code that can be used within paper literature etc too. 
  • School Information Pack on the research associated with EM pollution and CMO 
  • Individualised leaflet designs 
  • Questionaire to help the school assess it's own CMO requirements.

Whenever the School promotes their affiliate link which is used by parents or friends of the school (eg Alumni pupils) to buy the required CMO devices for their home, family and/or business then the purchaser will get a 5% discount. 

The School will receive 10% cash back and we will match that 10% into a fund which will be used to kit out schools in disadvantaged areas. 

We will also provide a significant discount for CMO devices bought for use within the school itself based on our survey and recommendation of its requirements. 

Our aim is for every school in the Uk and Eire to be kitted out with protective CMO technology against EM pollution regardless of their financial situation. 

Although this scheme is primarily set up for schools to be enabled to help themselves, we encourage buinesses to help promote their local school's affiliate link to benefit the local community as a whole. 

 If you would like your School to join the Safe Schools Affiliate Programme please contact us hello@comosystems.co.uk

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