CMO Research Results

Comosystems How and Why

Comosystems has over 10 years of high level research and development that resulted in Compensating Magnetic Oscillator technology. 

With his background in Pharmaceutical development, founder, Maurice Fillion-Robin knew that the new technology would not be credible or taken seriously unless it was tested under controlled laboratory conditions initially, and later in the field under real life conditions.  

He also knew that in-house research would be viewed with suspicion and would not be considered credible either. 

Various different scientists in different fields and in different universities and research establishments around the World performed rigorous testing procedures that were written up before being peer-reviewed and published. 

No other product in this market has been tested and proven over so many different biological markers and parameters as CMO. 

Research is ongoing to ensure that CMO technology is as effective today with the rapidly expanding EMF networks and frequencies as it was when it was first marketed. 

Comosystems can therefore say with confidence that CMO technology is able to mitigate for the range of existing EMFs commonly found in the home, the office and out and about in towns and cities etc.

Intracellular Calcium

The results displayed in the graph above were obtained by Prof. V.N Binhi*, Dr E.V Stepanov, General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia

*Author of Magnetobiology text book (available on Amazon)

First stage: 

-16 days EMF exposure, 

-45 min/day 

Second stage : 

-11 days EMF exposure with CMO Easycall technology 

-45 min/day 

-NO levels normalised over this time 

Nitric oxide (NO) is a free radical that attacks all cellular structures. Increased NO levels indicate higher cellular stress 

Normalization of NO levels using CMO results in the improvement or disappearance of the symptoms listed below:

Consequences of Calcium ion deregulation

  • Tiredness 
  • Confusion and difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating 
  • Mental and physical inertia, lethargy. 
  • loss of appetite, or anorexia, nausea

  • Constipation 
  • Muscular weakness and heart rhythm disorders 
  • Abnormal skin sensation of the lips, tongue, fingers, hands and feet
  • Contractures and muscle spasms, cramps