Comosystems Review by Richard

Hello, my name's Richard Greer, and I wanted to give ComoSystems a short review. 

I bought two pieces of their equipment about three weeks ago because I was concerned about EMF in my home. 


And the first bit of kit is called the Harmony and the second is called an Easycall and it goes on the back of my mobile phone.



So overall, big thumbs up. Thank you. Comosystems. 

Yeah, go buy it. Give it a Go.

Dave Asprey is the Father of biohacking, 3 x's New York Times bestselling author, Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and the man behind Bulletproof® Coffee. 

He is the founder of Bulletproof Nutrition, which reaches more than 1.5 million visitors monthly. 


 Comosystems Traveller was selected for a Biohacking Gift Box!


Watch the video Where Hope tells us she hasn't slept properly for 5 Years! 


After using Comosystems Harmony in her house, she sleeps and becomes very excited... 


So Happy Comosystems Harmony has helped You and Your Family.



I Slept. I Slept. I Slept.